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fanmix: torchwood - jack/ianto - a moment suspended in time

Medium: Television
Fandom: Torchwood
Subject: Jack/Ianto
Title: A Moment Suspended In Time
Notes: Them before, during and after the events of Children of Earth.

UPDATED: This was originally posted to my personal journal. New Artwork! January 31, 2011

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use somebody | kings of leon
you know that I could use somebody
someone like you, and all you know, and how you speak
countless lovers under cover of the street
you know that I could use somebody, you know that I could use somebody
someone like you.

backdraft | thrice
leave me with no air to breathe;
leave me here to die alone
But I won't suffocate. (Jack)

I'll have everything I need,
when you forget and come back home;
so I'll just sit and wait.
I'll just sit and wait.(Ianto)

map of the problematique | muse
fear and panic in the air, I want to be free from desolation and despair
and I feel like everything I saw is being swept away

when I refuse to let you go
I can't get it right, get it right..since I met you
(loneliness be over, when will this loneliness be over?)

a moment suspended in time | underoath
there's nothing left for me here
I'm grabbing on to what's left of this hole.
it's all too real this can't be happening
never again, ever again, will I say I'm OK
I'm scared of the fate that will become mine...

I can't believe how it feels
to stand here in this room

hold on | empires
I started to love your way
in secret while the watchmen play
you've given me the greatest fate I've known
hold on
I won't let them take you

and in the twilight of escape
both of my arms gaurding your waist

the hardest part | coldplay
I could feel it go down
bittersweet, I could taste in my mouth
silver lining the cloud
oh and I, I wish that I could work it out

and the hardest part was letting go, not taking part, you really broke my heart
everything I know is wrong, everything I do, it's just comes undone
and everything is torn apart

last of days | a fine frenzy
through wars and harvest moons
I will wait for you....

the world carries on without you
but nothing remains the same
I’ll be lost without you
until the last of days


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